Montréal-Ottawa à la Place Bell à Laval en hockey féminin professionnel (27 janvier 2024)
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Professional Women’s Hockey : Montreal wins in overtime against Ottawa

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Leading the standings and returning home following a road win in Minnesota (MTL 2 – 1  MIN), PWHL Montreal faced Ottawa Saturday January 27th 2024 at Laval’s Place Bell.

Montréal-Ottawa à la Place Bell à Laval en hockey féminin professionnel (27 janvier 2024) - Crédit photo : Carlo Primerano
Montréal-Ottawa (27 janvier 2024) – Photo credit : Carlo Primerano

In front  of a season record 8 646 spectators, the game needed overtime where Maureen Murphy scored the game winning goal and her first goal of the season giving Montreal a 2-1 victory.  

Starting strong, PWHL Montreal opened the scoring with a goal midway through the first period (Laura Stacey – 13:37).  

However three late period penalties, two of which by Catherine Dubois who showed some frustration while in the  box for tripping, enabled Ottawa to challenge the Montreal defensive and penalty kill units. 

In the second period a Montreal breakaway sent Laura Stacey sliding into Ottawa goalie  Emerance Maschmeyer, who was slow to get up. Fans applauded after Maschmeyer was  looked at by training staff and stayed in the game, stopping Stacey’s awarded penalty shot. 

With no shortage of opportunity, both teams fought for every possession. Mini entanglements  and players standing their ground in open ice raised the intensity. 

Montreal’s Kennedy Marchment split the Ottawa defence taking a shot on net that was  deflected away. 

Ottawa’s Kateřina Mrázová cut through the blue paint and took a diving shot before falling to  the ice.  

Ottawa’s defensive players Zoe Boyd and Ashton Bell provided timely blocks against at least  two 2-on-1 Montreal opportunities. 

In the third period Ottawa’s momentum continued with quality scoring opportunities. At around  the 7 minute mark Ottawa players crowded the Montreal net and a shot found keeper Desbiens  dropping within inches of the goal line. Poking and jabbing, and in full view of fans on that side  of the arena, the puck slid inches from the goal line! Desbiens’s strong left pad and skate firmly  against the post kept the puck out as she was able to covered the puck and stop play. 

A hooking penalty would provide the opportunity Ottawa needed to tie the game (Hayley  Scamurra – 6:10) with a tic-tac-toe passing play between the visitor defence slipped past  Desbiens. Nevertheless the Montreal goalie played a truly amazing  performance, stopping 43 of the 44 shots on Saturday. 

There would be two more Ottawa power plays towards the end of the third period but  Montreal’s penalty kill unit was successful in keeping the even score. 

With the clock running out, both teams went to the bench to prepare for overtime. During the brief intermission, arena cameras settled on Montreal’s Ann-Renée Desbiens speaking to the bench, bringing all fans to their feet to applaud the goaltender for her great performance. 

With the number of overtime minutes Montreal has had since the start of the season it is no  surprise that they almost immediately gained and maintained control tactically and patiently  pressured Ottawa. 

Montreal players L. Stacey, G. David and K. Tabin would each have opportunities to win the  game.

Montréal-Ottawa à la Place Bell à Laval en hockey féminin professionnel (27 janvier 2024) - Crédit photo : Carlo Primerano
Montréal-Ottawa (27 janvier 2024) – Photo credit : Carlo Primerano

Assisted by A. Bettez and K. Tabin it was Maureen Murphy who scored the winning goal, and  her first of the season! The siren rung and the Montreal bench emptied as the team celebrated. 

A video review was needed to make sure there was no goalie interference, but the referee  gestured “good goal” shortly after. 

Celebratory music sounded across the arena as players huddled together in celebration on the  ice, raising their sticks towards cheering fans before heading to the lockers. 

Players: A. Bettez , S. Bujold , G. David and M. Keopple were the last to exit the ice as they  celebrated with a little Do-Si-Do dance. 

In a post game interview Montreal goalie Ann-Renée Desbiens address the significant number  of overtime minute the team has played “we are beginning to be professionals of overtime”  [paraphrased]. 

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Carlo Primerano

Carlo Primerano
Special collaboration
A resident of Ville-Émard, Carlo has always been interested in arts and media. As a hybrid hobbyist/professional he has worked with a variety of media formats, collaborating with both creatives and institutions. Academically, he has a bachelors from Concordia University in Urban Planning and a Minor in Film Animation. 

The picture at the top of this article was taken by Carlo Primerano at the game on January 27th, 2024.